Cloud Technology

Developing solutions to perform complex tasks: we build scalable, high-performance apps on world-class cloud services. 


Technologies we use

Here are some of the technologies we have established in our stack. As an innovative team we are always on the look out for new technologies to adopt.


AWS, Cloudformation, Docker & Continuous Delivery

As a team we have two priority aims: to automate as much as we can and to adopt Continuous Delivery. Our technology stack therefore is heavily biased to AWS, CloudFormation and Docker. Our goal is to deploy infrastructure artefacts rather than code so that we guarantee a consistent environment, independent of where it is deployed.


Laravel & Angular

We build all of our web applications using Laravel and Angular and have built an extremely competent team with some recognisable community names and years of experience. We love the scalability and depth these technologies give us as most of our applications are complex and need the broad feature-set and performance that these frameworks make available. 



In the past year we have adopted Ionic as our mobile application development framework. It was a natural choice given our existing Angular expertise and by re-using Angular components and creating a library and reference app we've driven down costs and delivery times, leading to rapid adoption of this technology in our organisation.


Automated Testing

We put automated testing at the core of out development efforts. With both developers and QA engineers focusing on this it allows us to write more reliable code, catch regressions and maintain stability in our applications. 

Our Portfolio

Unfortunately we can’t reveal all the details of the projects we’re working on as they’re proprietary to the organisation we work for. However, we can give you an unbranded “flavour” to whet your technological appetite!


Automated visual regression platform

Our tool automatically captures the complete visual, content and metadata state of thousands of websites to provide a historical view of each page. By capturing not only the production sites but also the staging and content creation versions too, our tool massively speeds up feature and content approval by showing exactly what was changed and whether there were any unforeseen visual regressions needing review. 


Machine Learning NLP platform

This product provides the ability to read proposed promotional materials and compare with the language approved for use by that brand. Natural language prediction enables our machine learning algorithms not only to spot exact matches but also to spot close-matches or completely new claims that  should be regulatory reviewed before publishing.


Data segmentation tools

Our intelligent targeting and segmentation application enables our business groups across the world to discover and target key customer groups by uploading and managing their datasets and using the intuitive UI to perform the segmentations.


Data dashboard platform

Flexible website analytics dashboards combining multiple datasources into common key metrics for our websites. While the primary usage of the dashboards is via desktop browsers, the displays are suited for large screens, in the style of a command center.


Custom MBAAS Platform

Our Mobile Backend As A Service is a cloud-based, social-enabled solution, enabling our teams to build apps for a fraction of the cost of before. Our flexible and extensible service provides the back-end that connect users to the cloud (for authentication, information storage & synching) and to each other (for social connections & collaboration).